Rum lovers' favourite whisky

Aged in rum barrels on the island of Martinique
Aikan is a whisky with unrivalled tropical flavours

an unprecedented marriage


Aikan means “marriage” in Arawak, the language of the first Amerindians who populated Martinique.
Our Whisky bears this name because it is the fruit of a unique marriage between two continents, two climates (temperate in Europe, tropical in the Caribbean), and two exceptional worlds, those of Rum and Whisky.
The ideal whisky to bring together whisky and rum lovers.

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While our French Single Malt begins its maturation directly on the island of Martinique, the whisky distilled in Scotland begins a traditional ageing process of at least three years, before continuing its maturation in Martinique.
On arrival on the island, our whiskies are transferred to rum casks and new casks specially produced by the best French cooperages.

The natural colour of each of our whiskies is the result of the aging process in oak barrels.

Aikan's story

An unprecedented marriage

Aikan whisky

Tropical ageing

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